Pharmaton Sparks Inspiration Through Life Chargers Ambassadors

@PharmatonPH Sparks Inspiration via LifeChargers @robpengson @anthonysuntay @holycarabao Michelle Ressa Aventajado Maxie Abad @rxgellivictor

Different people… Different strokes. Each has his own motivation to move forward where they want to go.

But what is common to people who are highly-motivated is that they the same people who are so busy with many things and yet still have the time and energy to do so much.

Like the new set of Pharmaton ambassadors, called Life Chargers,they have their own private lives, yet thrive and continue to…

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Get Fitter with Medicard Meta Fit

Get Fitter with @MedicardPhils Meta Fit with @CoachJimSaret

Thinking of how to get back in shape? Or wanting more than your usual fitness regimen?

Well, if you happen to be near Quezon City or willing to go there, then come September 30, the Medicard Philippines, Inc., Eton Centris and Meta Fit coaches teamed up for the season 4 of Medicard Meta Fit Fitness Boot Camp.


This is a fitness bootcamp that encourages everyone to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle…

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I used to find that having four hours of sleep each day is good already a luxury. Those were the days that I was still working in broadcast media when working for almost four to five days before having a short off from work.

And at some point, I believed that my body clock is fit to work that way.

However, after a few years, fatigue, stress and lack of sleep started to take its toll on me. That was when I appreciated every single hour to be added on my sleep.

Little did I know that my “abusive” behaviour of not lying down properly and getting a comfy bed when I was still working can have a big effect on my health. I was young and foolish.

Looking back, I would have not deprived myself of proper sleep and proper resting position in a nice bed. Because there is no replacement for a good night’s rest.

And just recently, in a talk by a sleep specialist during the Uratex event introducing the Kramer family, I was reminded again, of how I am continually depriving myself of its proper rest – SLEEP.

The Top 6 notes to remind myself (and you as well) of how to properly get a good night’s sleep are:

  1. Turn off any artificial source of light within the room. Our body has its natural bio rhythm that follows day-night routine. Day for activities and night for rest.
  2. Stay away from any electronic gadgets or equipment (TV, mobile phone, computer, tablets, etc.) that can keep our attention focus to it two hours before bedtime.
  3. No drinking or taking of caffeine, sweets and carbs a few hours before bedtime.
  4. Keep a clear mind, conscience before sleeping.
  5. Exercise in the morning not in the evening.
  6. Make sure that your mattress, pillows or any beddings are very comfortable for you.

That is why, I tried to recall myself of my attitude and mindset towards sleeping. And as I look back, many things are common for me to have a good night’s sleep – and most of which are within our control.

Old Uratex Mattress

Old Uratex Mattress

There few common factors I remember to have been part of my fruitful sleeping.

  1. I used to have at least 8 hours of sleep.
  2. I was not tensed nor in a rush to accomplish things. I was always in a state of calmness
  3. I used to play basketball in the morning
  4. I did not have so much gadgets (iPhone, Macbook, iPad) beside me before I go to sleep. Plus, there were no social networking sites and unlimited texting. Lol!
  5. I had comfortable mattresses to lay my body into.

I remember that I used to have a Uratex mattress starting my teens (17 years old to be exact). That came with the bed that my parents bought for me. Then, came my early fatherhood, wherein, the same bed is what I used to sleep at together with my son.

I even remember my son jumping over it. It took quite a beating from son, especially when I was at work. But then, it was only in the mid of 2016, when finally, I had to send goodbye to it and hand it down to my cousin.

I switched to airbed, thinking it was a better choice for bed, as far as space, affordability and portability is concerned.

But after only a few days, my back started to tell me I made a wrong choice. So, after sometime, I bought a mattress, and so, it was Uratex again.

Often times we try to think of so many things when it comes to good sleep. As for me, it is just how comfortable the bed is, well ventilated or air conditioned room,

So, as years pass by, it is the same for my family and I to buy Uratex for mattresses. That’s why, when my Lola arrived last July on her short stay here in the Philippines, I bought a firmly comfortable mattress for her. And you guessed it right, it is a Uratex.

The new Uratex Mattress Bought Last July for Lola

The new Uratex Mattress Bought Last July for Lola

That’s why, as my fiancee (Cristelle) and I planned on some things, there are a few priorities that we have to put on top of everything once we get married and live together.

For us, it is an “investment” on our part, without compromise. Here are the priorities according to importance:

  1. Bedroom – bed, air condition, lights
  2. Bathroom – shower, toilet, tub
  3. Kitchen
  4. Entertainment

And for us, after trying for more than 20 minutes of sitting and lying down on one Uratex Hamptons, we are both convinced that as for the comfort and size of the bed, we are pretty much certain that we will be getting the Hamptons next year. It is the best Uratex mattress at the price we can afford so far.

Trying Out Uratex Hamptons

Trying Out Uratex Hamptons

I don’t know about you guys, but, I am pretty much convinced of how much a good night’s sleep affect the outcome of a man’s life in a day.

Just remember this, a great start in the morning starts as soon as having a good night’s sleep in the evening before. And your sleep starts and ends in bed. So, it must be the bed, right?


Hope that helps…

Get that elusive Good Night’s Sleep! @uratexfoam #TeamKramer #ITrustU #ITrustUratex I used to find that having four hours of sleep each day is good already a luxury. 

4L’s: Life Lessons I Learned from my Lola

4L’s: Life Lessons I Learned from my Lola

It was just this July that my Lola got back from the U.S. to do some errands here in the country. And since, I am the eldest and the only grandson living in the Philippines, I am the one taking care of my Lola while she’s here.

Never did I thought that I’d learn so much about life in such a short time taking care of my 80-year-old Lola.

At 80, my Lola still looks sharp and healthy and it seems…

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TCEB Strengthens Thai-Phil Bilateral Mice Cooperation Thru Exhibitions Platform

TCEB Strengthens Thai-Phil Bilateral Mice Cooperation Thru Exhibitions Platform

With the economic progress of the Southeast Asian Region, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is taking big leaps to speed up the momentum that Thailand and neighbouring countries, including the Philippines, are getting through business summits and trade promotions.

TCEB sets to reinforce bilateral MICE collaboration and trade promotion between Thailand and the Philippines with…

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If it seems that you won’t settle for just a few bites of sushi and sashimi, then, why don’t go for UNLIMITED and satisfy your cravings.

I believe that’s what most with sumo-size appetite would do, or is it just me?

Anyway, one afternoon, me and my fiancee, Cristelle Torres of, went on an adventure to Makati city to look for this restaurant that offers unlimited sushi and sashimi – the Genji Mand try their offerings, especially the UNLIMITED SUSHI, ROLLS and SASHIMI.

Read also GirlandBoyThing’s review of Genji M

Genji M Kalayaan Ave Makati


Genji M, which is open daily at 11am to 10pm, is a Japanese – Korean restaurant located along Kalayaan corner Burgos St., Makati City. It is a relatively new place. As of writing time, it has been open for less than a year, and so far, it has attracted attention already from the foodies in the Metro.

We arrived in Genji M at around 5pm.

Upon entering the place, what’s noticeable is the waiting area and the counter. Not to miss the Japanese-themed decors of the resto. That time, there were only about 4 customers inside.

And so, that was what I expected it to be the whole time, being a Monday.

Inside Genji M

Panorama Shot Inside Genji M

If you’re dining in, you can choose to stay in the common area or the private rooms. It is an advantage especially if you’re eating together with your family or friends or in a lunch / dinner meeting with client or officemates.

Below is a short clip showing how the interiors of the private rooms are in Genji M look like.


Well, let’s go to the meat of this food blog, the UNLIMITED sashimi, roll and sushi of Genji M.

And so we sat in one of the private rooms of the resto and got ourselves Genji M‘s sushi, rolls and sashimi.

We were served with three different plates, each offering sumptuous slices and rolls of fresh seafoods

Unlimited Sushi Sashimi Roll Genji M

Plates include the following seafoods in different preparations (sushi, sashimi and rolls).  Take note that some are only for premium cuts that is only for the Php 1,499 unlimited package.

  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Sea Urchin
  • Lapu-lapu
  • Octopus
  • Shrimp
  • Squid
  • Crab stick
  • Spam
  • Tofu
  • Flying Fish Roe
  • Dory
  • Silver Fish
  • Unagi
  • Urchin Egg
  • Tuna Belly

Each time you want to replenish your plate, you can fill-out the form whichever you want to have again and just give a buzz, and a waiter or waitress will serve you.

Genji M has different offerings of unlimited packages:

  • Unlimited Sushi and Rolls – Php 499
  • Unlimited Sashimi (plus unlimited sushi and rolls) – Php 799
  • Unlimited Premium Sashimi (plus unlimited sushi and rolls, tuna food shabu-shabu) – Php 1,499

All the unlimited offerings are served with:

  • Unlimited Miso Soup (which is a great partner for your meals, Yum!)
  • One (1) glass of Iced Tea (Well, you can always have water)

Plus, take note, that unlimited promo offerings go along with unlimited Korean dishes served in buffet.

Genji M Unlimited Korean

You can also try other promos of Genji M for lunch and dinner:

Ready-Set-Go Lunch (Monday to Thursday at 11:30AM to 2PM)

  • 20 minutes for Php 120 / person
  • 40 minutes for Php 200 / person
  • 60 minutes for Php 240 / person
  • 10 minutes extension for Php 50 / person

Buffet Includes:

  • 6 Main Dishes
  • Salad
  • Rolls and Maki
  • One (1) glass of Iced Tea
  • Tea House
  • Miso Soup

Lean Hour Dinner (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

3-Parts Dinner

  • 4:30 – 6pm – 20% Discount
  • 6PM to 8PM – No Discounts
  • 8PM to 9:30PM – 10% Discount

NOTE: additional 10% service charge will be added on top of your bill, whether it is the regular menu dishes or the unlimited offerings.


If you’re worried of how your sushi, roll and sashimi are prepared, then worry not, you can always check.

Genji M has an open kitchen for everyone to see how they prepare the foods being served.

In our case, the service time was good – from the initial serving of the first set, to the replenishing o the next choices, the service was on time, considering that by the time we started eating, the place was packed already at around 6pm onwards.

Genji M Sushi Sashimi Bar


Address: 8445 Kalayaan Ave. corner P. Burgos, Makati Avenue, Makati City
Contact Numbers: 804-2883 | 0906-301-9153
Twitter: @GenjiManila

Craving for more Japanese Food? The UNLI sushi, roll, sashimi might tickle your taste buds #FoodBlog @GenjiManila If it seems that you won’t settle for just a few bites of sushi and sashimi, then, why don’t go for…

Unique Power Bank Designs from Airborne Technologies

Looking for high capacity #PowerBanks w/ unique designs? Check out the newest from @AirBorneTech here

What makes good of a power bank? First, of course, that it suits its purpose to give power whenever your device is running low. Second is that it capacity of power it store. Third is the portability.

But, what if your power bank has both of the above plus more?

Well, just recently, I saw the new designs from a new tech company, Airborne Technologies, as they launch they lines of power banks. At…

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My dessert @Restaurant5PH in @DiscoverySuites  (at Restaurant 5 @ Discovery Suites)

My dessert @Restaurant5PH in @DiscoverySuites (at Restaurant 5 @ Discovery Suites)

Trying Casa Noble Blanco delivered via @CasaNoblePH

Trying Casa Noble Blanco delivered via @CasaNoblePH

#Repost from @orangemagtv —-
Team FMCC Bloggers! Ready for the amazing race challenge at #GratchisFarmResort! #FMCC #FrancisMagalonaClothingCompany #FrancisM #FrancisMagalona #GratchisGetaway #adventure #getaway #trip #travel #travelbloggers #pinoybloggers #staycation #itsmorefuninthephilippines #amazingrace (at Gratchi Farm Resort)

#Repost from @orangemagtv —- Team FMCC Bloggers! Ready for the amazing race challenge at #GratchisFarmResort! #FMCC #FrancisMagalonaClothingCompany #FrancisM #FrancisMagalona #GratchisGetaway #adventure #getaway #trip #travel #travelbloggers #pinoybloggers #staycation #itsmorefuninthephilippines #amazingrace (at Gratchi Farm Resort)